About GreenState Foundation

The GreenState Foundation's vision is to provide our members and communities with solutions to improve financial health & inequities, address the shortage of affordable housing, and sustain our environment.

Research has proven that having a budget, understanding credit, planning, saving, as well as homeownership, can greatly improve the overall wellbeing of families and entire communities.

To truly make an impact, we must also explore the mindsets we all have around money – how we think about it, how we talk about it, and how we can turn it into a tool for good. Each of us has certain thoughts around the role of money in our lives that are shaped by our families, our communities, and our cultures.

Through the GreenState Foundation, we will provide you with regular content that will help you rethink some of those preconceptions. We aim to improve your financial wellness and provide tips for you to help those around you as well.